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Events at Winchelsea Historic Methodist Chapel

We normally try to have at least one event per month and to participate in local Winchelsea events including open days when all can visit this peaceful little gem of a chapel.

The next events

On Saturday 15th June the Chapel will be open from 11am to 5pm to coincide with the National Gardens Society Open Gardens Day. The town welcomes numerous visitors particularly to see the gardens and many of them tend to pop into the Chapel to hear something of its history.

This time our 'artist-in-residence' is expected to start work on improving the 8 feet by 4 feet board painting of Wesley preaching to the townspeople under the historic Ash tree with a view to hanging it in a prominent position rather than being tucked up high above the lobby.

Then on Sunday 14th July the Chapel will be celebrating its Anniversary 239 years since it was built in 1785.

We meet at 2.30pm for hymn singing under the Wesley tree opposite the New Inn hopefully in more glorious sunshine before the service at 3pm round the corner in the Chapel which will be led by Rev David and Christine Freeland.

Please feel free to join us or pop in for any of the Chapel events. We will be delighted to see you.

The full Chapel Diary / Calendar is currently as follows


  • Sat 15th June 11am to 5pm: Open Gardens Day
  • Sun 14th July at 2.30pm: Chapel Anniversary with hymn singing under the Wesley tree before the service in the Chapel
  • Sat 10th Aug 10am to 12: Coffee Morning
  • Sat 14th Sept 10am-5pm: Heritage Open Day from 10am to 5pm with a "Take the Floor" concert from 2pm
  • Sat 5th Oct 10.30 for 11am: Harvest Thanksgiving Service
  • Sat 2nd Nov 10.30 for 11am: Service of Remembrance
  • Sat 14th Dec 10.30 for 11am: Christmas Service


  • Sat 15th Feb 10.30 for 11am: 'Bring and Share' Love Feast
  • Sun 16th or 23rd March at 3pm: Service of Christian Unity
  • Wed 16th April at 7.30pm: 'Reflections for Holy Week Service
  • Sat 10th or 17th May 10am-12: Coffee Morning with History presentation
  • Sat 14th June 11am to 5pm: Open Gardens Day
  • Sun 15th June 3 to 7pm: Singing Workshop; Tea; and Service
  • Sun 13th July at 2.30pm: Chapel Anniversary
  • Sat 9th Aug 10am to 12: Coffee Morning
  • Sat 13th Sept 10am to 5pm: Heritage Open Day & Take-the-Floor concert
  • Sat 4th Oct 10.30 for 11am: Historic Harvest Thanksgiving Service
  • Sat 1st Nov 10.30 for 11am: All Saints Day Service
  • Sat 13th Dec 10.30 for 11am: Christmas Service

Recent events

At the open day on 11th May we were blessed with a really lovely sunny day the doors were open from 10 in the morning but the highlight of the day was at 3pm when Stephen Page presented one of his unique 'Organstops' concerts on the Chapel reed organ.

As usual Stephen presented a varied programme of familiar and lesser known pieces which delighted the 40 or so present. All of Stephen's concerts have been in support of the Christian Aid charity and a tremendous total of 353 has been sent to them.

Thank you to all who came and gave so generously.

Winchelsea hosts a number of Open Gardens Days and the Chapel also opens its doors on those days to welcome visitors (or locals) who are passing and pop in to have a look round at the various displays and artefacts often asking questions and learning about its significance in the John Wesley story.

We were delighted to welcome the 55 people who came to the Chapel during the open afternoon on 20th April.